Springtime Update!

Picture of Crystal Shafer

Crystal Shafer

Owner, Texas Built Cabinets

Can you believe it’s almost April!  There’s that saying, April showers bring Spring flowers!  There’s something about Spring that makes me want to do all of the things!  

Michael and I have been so extremely blessed here at Texas Built Cabinets.  
We have the best crew and the best clients as well!  

When we purchased TBC, we asked ourselves, “What’s the plan here?”  Because it happened so fast, we really had no plan.  Zero.  

We had 2 employees and one amazing builder.  We hoped and prayed our employees and our builder would stay with us…  and 5 years later, our builder is still with us!   And our original crew is retired now, but they are still part of the TBC family.  We are doing something right?  Right??  

Our main goal for the 1st year was to stay above water, and grow with our community!  
When I said “stay above water” little did I know that our community would be devastated by Tropical Storm Harvey.  

Never in our lives did we ever think We would ever experience anything that we saw!  Water literally to the roofs of so many homes!  

We were immediately out with shovels and wheel barrels mucking thru our family and friends homes.  

Then the real work started!  
Our little business grew overnight to
11 team members!  And we helped over 325 people get back into their homes just in our little community!!!  

I knew right then and there. I was not going back to nursing.  I was right where I needed to be.  Right by Michael’s side running our family business!!  

4 years later.  We still have 11 employees and work with over 20 builders in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana!  

Remember how I mentioned April brings the new things!  

Have you checked out our new website?  
I had to come to the realization that I couldn’t do it all.  Lol.  If you know me, you know that was HARD stuff.  
We teamed up with an awesome Marketing company, and they made it a piece of cake for us!  We hope that you’ll check it out!  

More changes are coming you guys!  
We will keep you updated!  
Michael and I are really focusing on being the Chick-fil-A of the cabinet world.  

We want to provide our clients with an exceptional product along with exceptional customer service as well.  

So hang out with us for awhile!  
We will keep you updated!!!
Until then!