Our Process

When you work with Texas Built Cabinets you’re getting a team of skilled experts who are committed to bring your vision to life.  From day one, we chose to build the foundation of our business on putting integrity and quality in front of profits and volume.  This culture continues throughout our relationships with our team, our vendors, and our clients.  You will experience that integrity from the moment you contact us, all the way through the final installation of your finished product. Below you will find an outline of what to expect when choosing to work with us.


You will speak to or meet with one of our staff members so that we can learn about your specific cabinet needs.  If you have a simple cabinet design in mind, we might be able to get enough information over the phone or via email to give you an accurate estimate.  However, in most cases we will want to set up an in person meeting on-site, or at our office, to help you design the perfect cabinets for your space.


From the information we gathered in step one we will then work up an estimate for you. This detailed estimate will be submitted to you via email for your review.


Once we have an approved estimate our CAD specialist will draw up your cabinets using a program developed specifically for your specific cabinet design.  These drawings will give you the ability to visualize your cabinets before anything is put into production.


We will have a review meeting to go over the CAD drawings and be sure that everything is designed to best meet your unique needs. If any additional changes or tweaks need to be made we will note them during this meeting and have revised drawings created.


After all has been approved and finalized, your cabinets will be scheduled for production. We will inform you of our current lead time and do our best to be sure the cabinets arrive on schedule. If you are under a particularly tight schedule please let us know at the beginning of this process so we can do our best to meet your timeline.


After your cabinets have made it through production, and have been inspected, your cabinets will be installed by one of our in-house installation crew members. You will finally get to see your custom built cabinets in person! 


When you are close to the completion of your project contact our office for your final adjustment. One of our in-house service techs will come out and make sure all of your cabinets are adjusted and functioning properly.


Enjoy your Texas Built Cabinets!