Can you give me an accurate bid off of my plans?

Yes. If your plans are to scale, and if you give us a reasonably good idea of what you want your cabinets to look like, or we have met in person to measure and discuss design, we can give you a rough bid.

Do I have to pick certain sizes of cabinets?

No. That’s the beauty of custom built cabinets. We can make them any width, height, or depth you want. If you want a particular size drawer for a special purpose, we can make it just like you want. We LOVE adding personalized touches to include special storage or unique features – both big and small! 

Should I wait till the sheetrock is up to call you about cabinets?

NO! The best time to call us is before you start building. At that time we can look over your plans to ensure that what you want will work with your plans. Then it’s best to call us after the studs are up and when the plumbing and electrical is being done. The custom cabinet process is just that – a process! Depending on the changes you make, it usually takes about two weeks from the time we meet with you to discuss your cabinets and measure your home until we have a set of finalized cabinet drawings. From that point, it usually takes about  2-4 more weeks to build and install them. 

Will you make changes to my drawings if I see something I don’t like or want to change?

Absolutely. Many changes, like adding a drawer stack or splitting a door are relatively easy to make. On the other hand, changing the layout of the kitchen may require a complete redraw of the kitchen. We are glad to make most changes without charge as long as they are not obsessive. Please submit all your changes at one time if possible, and remember . . . changing one thing may affect something else. For instance – dividing a single door section into two sections may eliminate the ability to put previously requested pull-outs in that section. So be sure to check your drawings after each change order. As always, changes to the drawings may increase or reduce the price of your cabinets. 

When is the latest I can make a change?

You can make changes any time you like, but if you have already approved the drawings and if we have already compiled the final drawings and parts, there will be a charge for re-compiling the parts (usually about $200). If we have already started cutting your cabinets out, there will be a material and labor charge for work already done. 

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely. We guarantee that we will build and install your cabinets in accordance with the drawings you have approved. We also guarantee the materials and workmanship that go into your custom built cabinets for the period of one year. We also agree to make adjustments to doors and drawers as needed for that period. We have built and installed custom built cabinets in thousands of homes in Southeast Texas, and most of our customers have needed no adjustments to their cabinets after the initial installation. 

Does your company have insurance to cover me in the event one of your employees gets hurt on my job or if your employee breaks or damages something in my home?

Yes – we are a professionally run business. Unlike some, we carry Workman’s Compensation as well as General Liability insurance. This protects us and you since you – the homeowner – can ultimately be held liable in the event of an accident on your property.

What if I have more questions?

We would love to answer them! Please call us at (409) 422-4905, email us at michael@texasbuiltcabinets.com, or use the form below to reach out.